3D Metal Wall Sculpture

Balcony - Cats


There is nothing more iconic to Tel Aviv than the image of an old crumbling-away balcony covered in cats. Tel Aviv may be a dog lover's city, but as a matter of fact, it is the cats who own the streets. Tel Aviv’s cats have a charm and beauty unique to the city. They are lively, curious, and very agile, a perfect reflection of the essence of Tel Aviv. Unlike other cities, it is not the human that goes to a store to find their own four-legged friend, but the cat who one day shows up on your balcony and tells you, "We were meant to be."

Edition - 300

Size - 58.5x44.5x30 cm / 23"×17.5"×11.8

Year - 2022

Technique - Mixed Media Cutout Aluminum