5th Avenue C
5th Avenue C
5th Avenue C
5th Avenue C

Paper Cut Wall Sculpture

5th Avenue C

Style:Hand painted on Paper Cutout - Unframed

$4,200.00 - Unframed
$4,450.00 - Framed

This piece started many years ago when I created
5th Avenue A, reflecting my experience in the densely overcrowded city. Since then, my fascination with cities, crowds, and the individuals that make them up hasn’t faltered. Instead, it has grown and developed. From the first works, titled 5th Avenue A and 5th Avenue B, I felt that compared to reality, they were so vivid, so I chose a few more earthy tones for the third interpretation. It feels more natural to me.

Edition - 100

Size - 56x76 cm / 22"×30"

Layers - 3

Year - 2010

Technique - Hand painted / Printed on Paper Cutout