Wall Sculptures + Paper Cuts

David Gerstein is a renowned artist who has redefined contemporary art through his unique and innovative approach. His multi-layered artworks are a whimsical dance of shapes and colors, bringing a breath of fresh air to the art world. 

With a sense of humor, he gives life to sheet metal and paper, creating a playful elegance in his art. Gerstein's signature style involves meticulously shaping multi-layered cut-outs, allowing him to convey movement, depth, and emotions, using contrasting color palettes to evoke joy in any setting.

In "Lovely Day," David Gerstein combines two elements that hold a special place in his heart: bicycles and butterflies. These symbols evoke memories of his childhood spent in nature, invoking the sensations of fresh air, rustling leaves, and the touch of a butterfly on one's shoulder. Gerstein's work captures the essence of nostalgia and the simple joys of life, encouraging viewers to embrace the beauty, freedom, color, and vitality that art can bring to their lives. 

From endless parades of pedestrians on their aimless "Endless Walk" to a city where the wheels of bicycles rule the road in "City on Wheels," his masterpieces playfully capture the quirky rhythms of modern life. With Gerstein's art, there's always room for a good chuckle amidst the kaleidoscope of colors and shapes, and his works are a joyful reminder that art can be as fun as a frolic through a field of wildflowers.

Art Objects

David Gerstein is a renowned artist who has redefined contemporary art through his unique and innovative approach. Gerstein's Art Objects are like a vibrant playground of imagination, where he invites us to revel in the joys of everyday life. 

With a career infused with a contagious enthusiasm for color and form, Gerstein's collection boasts delightful pieces including bowls and clocks. In his creative wonderland, Gerstein takes something as simple as scribbles and turns them into a bowl, playfully blurring the boundaries between art and utility. 

Gerstein communicates the joys of life through his art. Joys that speak to a large audience and as he believes should be accessible to all. For the sake of his deep belief of 'art for all' Gerstein started a collection of Art Objects including useful objects and miniature sculptures stamped with his design logo to allow a wider range of people to access fine art. Through his Art Objects collection, Gerstein broke the typical boundaries of fine art, surpassing the frontiers of accessibility.

Each Art Object is a charming masterpiece, celebrating the joy of doodling and spontaneity, reminding us that even the most ordinary objects can be transformed into extraordinary art. With Art Objects, every day becomes a playful adventure as the artist beckons us to rediscover the joy in the simple and embrace the artful essence of life's little moments.

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